Dental bonding restores the healthy appearance of your teeth in one dental visit. This procedure involves application of tooth-colored composite resin to the surface of your decayed, fractured, discolored or chipped teeth. The material used for bonding simply bonds to your tooth, giving the procedure its name.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental Bonding in Tupelo MS | North Mississippi Family DentistryBonding is just one type of restorative dentistry provided by your dental professionals of North Mississippi Family Dentistry. Dental bonding in Tupelo, MS is low cost when compared to other cosmetic dental procedures. Using the composite resin of bonding, your dentist shapes and polishes the new tooth surface to provide a perfect match to your other teeth. No one but you and your dental team knows you have dental bondings when your dentist completes the work.

Your dentist uses bonding for a restoration of broken teeth, teeth with decay, chipped teeth, or teeth discolored by food, beverages, smoking or aging. Applying bonding is quick, easy and pain-free. There are no molds for bonding, and you don’t have to wait for a dental lab to craft your new tooth surfaces. Your dentist simply applies the resin and enables it to bond to your tooth, all in one visit.

Do I Need Dental Bonding On My Teeth?

Dental bonding in Tupelo, MS is an easy, inexpensive and quick way to upgrade and brighten your smile. Your dentist shapes and polishes the dental composite resin to match your existing teeth, so you never worry about people knowing your teeth have bonding material on them.

Dental bonding is right for you if you have discolored or chipped teeth. It also closes gaps between your teeth for an even smile. Your dentist uses bonding to make your teeth appear longer and more uniform. Dental professionals use bonding to change teeth shape or color, too.

Dental fillings once were metal, such as silver amalgam fillings. These showed when you spoke, laughed, or ate in front of others. The composite resin of bondings does not show. Other people never know you have fillings when your dentist uses bonding material to fill your teeth.

If you have exposed roots on some of your teeth due to receding gums, bonding material corrects that problem. Your dentist covers the root and protects it using composite resin bonding.

How Your Dentist Applies Dental Bonding in Tupelo, MS

Dental bonding in Tupelo, MS is quick, easy and pain-free. Your dentist doesn’t prepare your tooth. There is no preparation required. Unless your dentist uses bonding for filling a decayed tooth, you usually need no anesthesia.

Your dentist uses a color guide to select the precise shade of composite resin for your teeth. This makes your dental bonding a perfect match and virtually invisible in your mouth.

After choosing your dental composite resin shade, your dentist roughens your tooth surface by abrading or etching it. Your dentist applies a conditioning liquid to your tooth to make the resin permanently bond to your tooth.

Your North Mississippi Family Dentistry dentist applies the resin onto your tooth, molding and smoothing it for the right shape. An ultraviolet light or laser painlessly hardens the bonding material.

Once the bonding material hardens, your dentist trims, shapes and polishes it until it matches your other teeth perfectly.

This whole process usually requires about 30 minutes to an hour for completion. You simply take care of your new tooth surface as you do your natural tooth surfaces. You need to brush daily and have your teeth cleaned regularly by the dental team. Food, beverages, and smoking still stain resin, just as they do your natural teeth.

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