Having emergency dental needs frightens many people. You panic when a tooth causes pain, when your tooth breaks, or when a filling falls out. All of these commonly occur in our lives, so you need a dentist who provides emergency treatment in Tupelo, MS when it counts.

People either rush to the dentist when they feel dental pain or they feel unprepared for the emergency and don’t have a relationship with a dentist providing emergency services. Which category will you find yourself in when you suffer a dental injury?

Emergency Dental in Tupelo, MS

Emergency Dental in Tupelo MS | North Mississippi Family DentistryNever ignore injury to your teeth or gums. Many parts of your teeth and gums can suffer damage, including nerves or blood vessels. You also risk getting a serious infection, one potentially spreading to other parts of your body and causing serious health problems.

Some dental emergencies are life-threatening. You will always need emergency dental in Tupelo, MS, where dental professionals are ready to help you when you need it most. The key to recovering from your emergency dental needs is seeking treatment immediately.

Dentists today understand the importance of dealing with dental emergencies when they happen. There are many advancements in pain management and tooth restoration that they have at their disposal. Dentists use strong synthetic materials for natural-looking restorations matching your existing teeth. Your dentist at North Mississippi Family Dentistry has the training and skills needed for restoring your best smile and healthiest bite.

Even when you fear emergency dentistry because of pain, your emergency dental in Tupelo, MS provides pain solutions. Emergency treatment fixes the source of your pain and sedation dentistry ensures you don’t stress or suffer in the process. Most people leave their emergency dental office with far less pain or are even pain-free.

Do You Need Emergency Dental Help?

You need emergency dental in Tupelo, MS anytime you suffer severe or painful dental injury. Some injuries can safely wait until the dental office business hours for treatment, but others need immediate attention. How can you tell the difference?

Dental injuries happen any time of day or night. These injuries include:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Missing or knocked out teeth
  • Loosened teeth due to sports injury or other accident
  • Chipped teeth

If your tooth injury is severe or a large part of your tooth breaks off, you need emergency dental in Tupelo, MS. Whenever you suffer a completely knocked out tooth or nerve damage, you need immediate dental help.

If you suffer a knocked-out tooth, don’t handle the tooth. Try to use a tissue to hold your tooth and place it back in its socket. Bite down on a tea bag or wet cloth to position it where it belongs. Don’t accidentally swallow your tooth!

If your tooth doesn’t stay in its socket while you drive to your dentist or ER, rinse the tooth off to keep it free of dirt or debris. Place it in a container of milk or your saliva. Take it with you to the emergency dentist while applying a cold, wet cloth to your socket to stop bleeding.

Some injuries include severe tooth pain, such as from an abscessed tooth. Call your North Mississippi Family Dentistry office for guidance about whether it’s an emergency or if it can wait until the next office day. Your dental team can try to schedule you for a visit in one of the office’s emergency appointment slots.

Call your dentist’s office even during off hours. Your emergency dental team wants to help you feel secure in knowing whether you need emergency help or if your injury can wait until the next business day.

North Mississippi Dentistry for Emergency Treatment

When it counts, your North Mississippi Family Dentistry team provides the dental care you need. This is true of daily dental appointment visits for non-emergencies and minor injuries, such as cavity filling. It is also true when you suffer a painful dental problem in the middle of the night.

North Mississippi Family Dentistry provides a wide variety of dental services, including:

For routine dental care, or when an injury causes tooth damage or pain, call North Mississippi Family Dentistry at 662-635-8051.