When you need a root canal, you want an experienced dentist with a preventative approach to dental care. Usually what happens during root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is a dental procedure to save your tooth and often takes no more than two dental visits. Root canal procedures save a decaying tooth by creating an opening in the tooth’s crown.

Meanwhile, the endodontist ensures the pulp is clean before a temporary filling of the root canal. Lastly, a return to your dentist is usually required to place a crown on the tooth and final touches to ensure a fully functional tooth. At North Mississippi Family Dentistry, we guarantee to provide safe and secure dental procedures to give you confidence in your Tupelo dentist.

3 Frequently Asked Questions When Searching for Dental Services

Root Canal Procedure TupeloAt North Mississippi Dentistry, there’s nothing routine about root canal treatment. Each patient is unique, and each tooth deserves the proper treatment. Choose a dentist who treats you like an individual with personal concerns and requirements.

Use these three questions as guidance in your search for cosmetic, pediatric, family or general dentistry:

1. What is your dental experience in North Mississippi?

We have 21 years of providing dental services at North Mississippi Family Dentistry.

2. Does your dentistry deliver the latest dental trends and technology advances?

We continuously seek improvement and upgrade our technology and techniques as new approaches become available to provide premier dental care.

3. Do you treat both children and adults?

Yes, our dental services in Tupelo include family and pediatric dentistry, along with general and cosmetic treatment.

Root Canal Pain Management

We offer sedation dentistry. You will not be in pain during the procedure. We also help you manage the pain after the root canal process, with medication. In short, our goal is to provide the most painless root canal possible so that you can get back to your life with little interruption.

Root Canal Cost: Financial Options for Affordable Dental Care

Root canal treatment requires immediate action, regardless of your financial situation. Therefore, our North Mississippi Family Dentistry finds ways to pay for your procedure to prevent avoiding the dentist. Among our payment plans, we accept PPO Plans (not HMO), CareCredit, checks and all major credit cards. We will be glad to give you some guidance on finding the best way to pay for your procedure.

Best Dental Services in Tupelo

At North Mississippi Family Dentistry, we understand that many fear a trip to the dentist office, especially for dental procedures like root canal treatment. Therefore, we want to get to know your concerns and desired outcomes for any dental procedure you are considering. We may even recommend a process you haven’t found. Dental pain or discomfort can cause you to make quick decisions about who will provide your dental care. Our extraordinary Tupelo dental team provide patients with the latest dental advances and a source of communication for unexpected dental needs.

We want to be your one-stop Tupelo dentist, so we provide a variety of dental care among our cosmetic, family, pediatric, and general dentistry such as:

By “get to know us,” we mean that we will be glad to talk with you without any pressure or “sales pitch.” We are confident enough in the quality of our dental services to know that anyone seeking a professional, considerate, and a dedicated dental team will recognize that we excel in our field. Above all, for a peaceful mind, discuss your dental concerns with us by contacting North Mississippi Family Dentistry today at 662-635-8051.